GAFE Directions

This website contains all Google Apps for Education directions that follow previous Seeds of Health trainings step-by-step. To learn more about how to use Google Apps, go to GAFE Links. If you have any questions or need any assistance, contact your building's Google Apps person or Kaitlyn Wright.
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TopicGoogle App UtilizedDescriptionDifficulty Level
TopicGoogle App UtilizedDescriptionDifficulty Level
Google Calendar Calendar Basic overview of Google Calendar Beginner 
Add Outlook calendar to Google Calendar Calendar One time import that moves your Outlook calendar into Google Beginner 
Add Google Calendar to Outlook Calendar Shows calendar in Outlook and updates in real time Beginner 
Google Docs Basics Docs Basic overview of Google Docs Beginner 
Custom Banner Google Form Forms Create a custom banner to go at the top of your Google Form using Google Drawing Advanced 
Google Forms Forms Basic overview of Google Forms Proficient 
Contacts Gmail Basics of Google Contacts in Gmail. Note: all users are included in a  Beginner 
Google Drive Basics Multiple Links to directions on Google Drive Basics Beginner 
Utilizing Google Chrome Other Features that enhance Google Chrome such as the bookmark bar, multiple users, and themes Beginner 
Google Moderator Other Online discussion tool Proficient 
Exporting Student's Email Address Other Use to create quick Google Groups  Proficient 
Google Classroom Video Tutorial Other Shows student and teacher interactions in Google Classroom Proficient 
Google Vault Other Monitor student emails and documents Proficient 
Google Classroom Other Video tutorials on how to use Google Classroom with students Proficient 
Google Groups Other How to create Google Groups for quick sharing via a single email address Proficient 
Google Site Templates with Students Sites How to create template, share it with students, student sharing permissions, and other details Proficient 
Google Sites Sites Creating, editing, and sharing websites Proficient 
Showing 17 items