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This page includes helpful links to further your knowledge and find new ideas of how to use Google Apps for Education. To review directions from Seeds of Health professional development trainings, go to GAFE Directions.
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GAFE Webinars Google Apps for Education's recorded webinars General 
Google Tutor Tutorials, tips, and advice for Google users General 
Flipping Classroom using Google Apps Slides and description on how to start flipping your classroom using Google Apps General 
Google Apps Training Center This website has modules on all the different aspects of Google Apps. Can be a bit repeative but excellent source of information General 
Learn Google Apps Produced by Google, a website dedicated to using Google Apps at work or school General 
52 Tips and Tricks for Google Drive in the Classroom Hidden and obvious tricks to navigating around the Drive General 
Google Apps Videos Google Apps YouTube channel going through how to use the apps General 
Practical Google Apps & Docs Classroom Tips Goes through how to use all the aspects of Google Apps including Maps General 
Wikispaces Google Apps Integration Wikispaces fully integrated wtih Google Apps for Education. Learn what that means for your Wiki General 
100 Google Tricks that Will Save You Time A list of different ways to save time when using Google Apps both inside and outside the classroom General 
5 Gmail Tips for Teachers Created by an edcuator, five ways to help teachers nagivate Gmail General 
Google in Education Google Product Forum on Google in Education with categories for Teachers/Educators and Administrators/Institutions Groups and Forums 
Classroom 2.0 Google Group A group that has several discussion forums with teacher questions and feedback Groups and Forums 
Google Apps Edu User Groups Groups for education to share ideas and resources. Must join group to participate Groups and Forums 
Google in Education Training and Support offered by Google including various groups and forums Groups and Forums 
Science Notebook A template for students to use as a science notebook Teaching Ideas 
Google Apps in the Classroom A website created to go through how to use Google Apps in the classrom. Note: there are a few bad links within the site Teaching Ideas 
Sharing Stories with Google Earth Directions, handouts, and example files of how to share stories with Google Earth Teaching Ideas 
Become a Google Apps Ninja A site run by an educator intended for students to take tests to gain their "belts" in Google Apps. If you send students to the site, he requests that you help with grading.  Teaching Ideas 
Lesson Plan Search in Google Google Apps provides a bank of lesson plans and curricula that is searchable Teaching Ideas 
80+ Google Forms for the Classroom Already created forms that you can start using with your class Teaching Ideas 
gClassFolders Using Google Apps folders to go paperless Teaching Ideas 
100 Ways Google Can Make You a Better Educator Using Sites, Google Earth, Wave, and more, you can turn your classroom into a place where you can share, collaborate, and publish on the world wide web Teaching Ideas 
32 Way to Use Google Apps in the Classroom Provides lots of ideas on how to begin using Google Apps in the classroom plus extensions for higher level users Teaching Ideas 
Google Apps Writing Produce and Publish Video showing how to meet Common Core Standards in writing using Google Apps Teaching Ideas 
Top 10 ways to get started with Google Apps A checklist of ideas how to use Google Apps in the classroom Teaching Ideas 
Sample Teacher's Site This is a website created by a history teacher using Google Sites Teaching Ideas 
Googlios Creating e-portfolios using Google Apps Teaching Ideas 
Imperialism Textbook Site created by students to replace the textbook Teaching Ideas 
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