2016 Email Migration

Video Training

Welcome to the SOH Gmail Video Training. For this training, there will be five sections:
  1. Accessing Gmail and finding help documents
  2. Gmail Settings and Labs
  3. Composing and Viewing Emails
  4. Google Contacts
  5. Google Calendar
For each section, there will be a short video discussing the important elements. Please feel free to pause this video and repeat what is being show or ask your Building Technology Coordinator  if there is another device you can borrow to watch the video and click along.  You can make the videos larger by clicking the "Pop-out" button:

If you have any questions, please see your Building Technology Coordinator. If they are unable to answer, they will contact the Coordinator of Computer Science and Technology for assistance. Thank you and enjoy your training!

Section 1: Accessing Gmail and finding help documents

Section 2: Gmail Settings and Labs

Section 3: Composing and Viewing Emails

Section 4: Google Contacts

Section 5: Google Calendar

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Training ResourceDescriptionGoogle Apps Referenced
Training ResourceDescriptionGoogle Apps Referenced
Agency Calendar List List of all of the SOH Google Calendars and how to add them to your Google Calendar Calendar 
Calendar Cheat Screen This screenshot provides a visual cheat sheet on how to use Calendar Calendar 
Gmail Cheat Screen This screenshot provides a visual cheat sheet on how to use Gmail Gmail 
Gmail Follow Up Training  Agenda from the Follow-Up Training that includes links to all of the items discussed Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Google Keep 
Google Calendar Checklist This document provides a checklist of settings to check on your calendar Calendar 
Initial Gmail Training This presentation includes links to all the settings we changed during our initial training Calendar, Contacts, Gmail, and Hangouts 
Letter to Staff This document reviews the basic information about how to sign on and access email Gmail 
Original Email Migration Announcement This presentation is the original announcement regarding our email migration Gmail 
Setting up Gmail on Mobile Devices This document reviews how to set up Gmail and Calendar on both iOS and Android devices Calendar and Gmail 
Useful Tools for Gmail and Calendar This table provides Chrome Extensions and Google Labs to provide additional features Calendar and Gmail 
Showing 10 items