Below is a list of resources on other technology used within the Seeds of Health agency. Please contact Kaitlyn Wright if you have additional resources you would like listed here. To find out what other teachers are doing around the world, go to Teaching and Educational Blogs. To find participate in live professional development for free, click on Upcoming Webinars.

To see a list of teacher websites split by subject and school, click here. Many teachers list their lessons with all the resources needed. This can be a great starting point to collaborate cross programs. To contact them, find their email address on their school website or in the agency directory sent out annually.  
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Teaching Books Instructional Materials Online multimedia resources and instructional materials on books and authors  
BadgerLink Instructional Materials Resources compiled for teachers and students in Wisconsin 
Copyright Toolkit Instructional Materials Resources on copyrights and how to use them 
Wisconsin Media Lab Instructional Materials Collects cost-free K-12 resources based on teacher recommendations  
SOH Teacher Websites Other Listed by subject and school with current topics being taught 
Skyward Educator Access Plus 2.0 Video Skyward Short video on new look for teachers on Skyward. Note: Old menu will be discontinued in February 2014 
SMART Tech Teaching Resources SMART Products Another distrcit's website that includes links to videos, tutorials, and websites about using SMART products 
SMART Free Resources  SMART Products Free resources on how to use SMART products 
Harvey's Home Page SMART Products Free math lessons using SMART Notebook for K4 all the way through grade 12 
SMARTExchange SMART Products Provides training and content to use with SMART products 
SMART Sync Directions SMART Products Directions for how to use Smart Sync to monitor and control laptops or computers (Does not apply to Chromebooks or iPads) 
Tech for Teachers SMART Products Another district's website that includes links to videos, tutorials, and websites about using SMART products 
SMART Technologies Support Page SMART Products Search their knowledge base for information or ask a question to their support staff 
SMART Classrooms YouTube Channel SMART Products Video tutorials on using SMART products 
SMART Downloads SMART Products Download software onto your personal devices. Note: You will need the product key which you can get from Kaitlyn.  
Showing 15 items